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Hawkin Dynamics is distributed in the UK by Mar-Systems Ltd.


Mar-Systems has been developing and distributing motion analysis and performance solutions for many brands and companies for over 15 years. These solutions include equipment ranging from multiple force platform integrations, 3D motion analysis and wireless pressure analysis insoles as well as training and consultation services. With customers all over the World, including professional sports teams, governing bodies, medical institutions and private companies, Mar-Systems is uniquely positioned to provide the perfect expertise for distributing Hawkin Dynamics products. Our team includes Engineers, Sports Scientist, Researchers and Athletes.

Hawkin Dynamics Clients

Georgia Rugby

Brighton & Hove Football

Italian Basketball

What our clients think. 

The software behind these plates is where the magic happens. The Web App allows us to select only variables we want to see, while offering just under 50 different variables to use, if we choose. One of the greatest parts is the customer service. We've never felt like the 'sale' was the most important part to Hawkin Dynamics. Instead, we feel like we're a part of the family and often get notifications of updates and emails ensuring we are getting everything we need from the system.

Victor Kizer

Program Director of Exercise Science, Maryville University

The Hawkin Dynamics force plates and interface has been a huge asset to Vermont Athletic Performance.
I have always been hesitant to rely on results from other jump testing devices due to inconsistencies. These plates give consistent and reliable data, with a minimal investment of time. The data can be used with confidence, to make better decisions about training and performance. > Marc Hickok

Director of Athletic Performance, University of Vermont

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We are located close to Ascot Train Station in the Business Park.

Hawkin Dymanics UK, Part of Mar Systems Ltd, Unit E6, Ascot Business Park, Lyndhurst Rd, Ascot, Berkshire, Sl5 9FE

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