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Captured results are sent to the Cloud based Analysis App. You or your colleagues can then use the App to analyse the data further or simply view the test results remotely..

Cloud Database for Ease of Use

All the data is sent to the cloud so that you can analyse it further using the Analysis App..

Any Browser. Any Platform.

Easily use PC, laptop, tablet or phone to access the Analysis Web App anytime you want.


Our software is designed to put actionable data in the fingertips of the coach. Within seconds of capturing a test, a full array of metrics are displayed which have been automatically calculated and immediately compared to the athlete’s historical data, the team data or any positional benchmarks

Squad Selection

Our Software has the ability to segment your work into various teams. This allows you to keep a cleaner workspace with metrics and data specific to the squad that is being tested.


Once the Squad is selected, you will find a dashboard that allows for rapid access to your previous sessions as well as the most recent tests. In this area, you can quickly edit a players information or search and click on a players profile to view their test or training


In the Team area, you can use the Groups feature to further segment players into categories of your choice. This could be by position, experience or Injury for example. Players can be placed into multiple groups which can become a very useful tool for finding patterns and critical performance variables. This area also allows you to quickly view the last time a player was tested.

Activity Feed

The activity feed is where all of the live test data comes through as it happens. This will include the full force-time curve which can be switched to a velocity or power profile, all of which will feature coloured segments that identify key sections of the test. The calculated metrics feature a dial that quickly identifies how that new test compares to previous tests. This comparison can be made with the entire Team, the group, a specific player or to players own historical data. Furthermore, you can customise the date range if you want to see how it has changed in a given amount of time. Each test can be instantly exported to excel with full force, velocity and power data which can be very useful for education purposes or integrations


The scoreboard is our go-to feature for creating session competition as well as for retrospective looks at who are our best performers. The scoreboard can be live for the test session only, or it can be an “all-time” leaderboard that identifies the squads best performers. The scoreboard can use any metric depending on what is important to you and what you want to evaluate.


Performance Monitoring

Doing a deep dive into each player’s data could not be any easier. Just click on the player’s icon/picture and select the date range, test and metrics you wish to evaluate. The charts will automatically adjust as you select which group or individual you want to benchmark against. This is an excellent tool for seeing how your player stacks up against their positional competitions and how this has changed over time

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