The Isometric Test

The IMTP also referred to as Iso pull is one of many isometric tests you can do on the force plates. Isometric tests are brilliant tests for testing true strength in a given position as it removes the influence of technique. For maximal strength testing and assessing the rate of force development (RFD) the go to test is the IMTP. The test has been proven to correlate to sprint speed and vertical jump performance as well as being a faster and safer test to administer when compared to traditional one rep max testing.

The Isometric Test

1. Weighing Phase

The test starts with the athlete on the plates gripping a bar that is placed between the knees and hips. Technically it should be “mid-thigh”. However coaches will exercise some flexibility in this depending on the athlete’s health history and the sport they compete in. The knees should be slightly flexed, thighs touching the bar, shoulders back, chest up and head pointing forward. At this point, the athlete should not be pulling on the bar as this will influence the weight that is recorded.

2. Pulling Phase

On the start signal, the athlete should start pulling the bar vertically as quickly and as hard as possible. They should pull until they feel a noticeable strength loss although some coaches might prefer them to pull until fatigue. As this is an isometric test, the athlete should not move there feet or back to aid the pull. We want the athlete to be “locked” into a position.

The Test Results

1. Via the Capture App

Results are initially captured and displayed almost instantaneously using the Capture App.  Any android device can be used for this.

2. Via the Web Analysis App

Tests can then be sent immediately to the Web Analysis App which can be viewed on any device, anywhere.


Who should do the test?

Isometric tests are designed to measure maximal force in a given position (static) as opposed to dynamic). Whether you choose a test that specifically targets a muscle group or the mid-thigh pull, Isometric testing will provide you with the quickest, safest and most accurate way of measuring strength.

What metrics are recorded?

16 metrics which include peak and relative force, symmetry, rate of force development, force at a range of time intervals, length of pull and time to peak force.

How long does the test take?

Customisable from 1-20 seconds but typically takes 8-12 seconds.

Where do I learn more?

Please call 01344 623 883 for further information.

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