The Squat Jump Test

The Squat Jump is the most recognised vertical jump test for measuring concentric-only force application. It is a jump from zero pre-movement (no countermovement) and therefore it is also an excellent assessment of true force production as well as acceleration ability. It typically involves the athlete starting in a squat position with a 90-degree flex at the knee although many coaches prefer to let the athlete self-select the depth.


The Squat Test

1. The Weighing Phase

The weighing phase is the period before the initiation of movement where the plates weigh the athlete. Therefore, it is essential for the athlete to remain as still as possible in order to obtain an accurate measurement. The athlete should be in a stable squat position, depth is determined by the coach, with their hands on their hips. This phase is also referred to as the “Quiet” phase.

2. The Propulsive Phase

From the weighing phase, the athlete will move straight into the propulsive phase by pushing down onto the force plates and extending the hips, knees and ankles to send the body vertically into the air. It is important that the athlete only extends and does not flex the knees or hips any further as this would then invalidate the test.

3. Flight Phase

The Flight Phase begins once the athlete has fully left the force plate, also known as the instant of take-off. This phase then ends at the instant of touchdown whereby the athlete first re-contacts the plate.

4. Landing Phase

The Landing Phase begins when the athlete re-connects to the plate from the jump. This phase requires the athlete to absorb the forces of the landing by flexing the hips, knees and ankles (not doing this will result in higher landing forces) with the goal of coming to complete stop in the shortest time possible.

The Test Results

1. Via the Capture App

Results are initially captured and displayed almost instantaneously using the Capture App.  Any android device can be used for this.

2. Via the Web Analysis App

Tests can then be sent immediately to the Web Analysis App which can be viewed on any device, anywhere.


Who should be using this test?

As a concentric-only movement, this is ideal for any sport or movement that relies on explosiveness and acceleration.

Which metrics are recorded?

Over 20 metrics which include average, peak and relative propulsive forces, velocity, jump height and symmetry.

How long does the test take?

3-5 seconds from weighing phase to landing.

Where do I learn more?

Please call 01344 623 883 for further information.

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