The Capture App

Android Tablet or Phone

No need for a PC, the HD Capture App works with any Android Phone or Tablet. Further analysis can be carried out on a PC using out Cloud based Analysis App.


Instantaneous Results

Results are displayed almost instantaneously on your phone or tablet in a usable format.


No wires or heavy duty PC required. The App uses Wifi Direct to work seamlessly with the plates.

The Hawkin Dynamics mobile capture app is simple and easy to use on android phones and tablets. Use the app to capture force data and provide instant feedback – and analyse in detail later on the cloud. The app is designed around a natural user interface and enables coaches and professionals to get quality force measurements in an incredibly short period of time. 

How it works

Simply set up your team, add your athletes and go…

  • Hawkin Capture is built on a simple and clear workflow – select your athlete, select your test – and go.
  • After a test is completed the user can immediately move on to the next athlete, or begin another test.
  • Groups enable filtering of your athlete lists – further enhancing the speed at which you can test a large volume of athletes at a time.



  • Designed to be intuitive and simple to any user – no typing or keyboard required.
  • Rich visual feedback for each test – including a zoomable graph and key generated metrics are presented clearly immediately after a test is finished.
  • Validated thresholds are built in so you can trust that your data is accurate.

Athlete Selection

Select or add an athlete for testing. You can also switch teams or groups to simplify your workflow.


Selecting the Test

From the drop down menu, select the test you want to perform. You can also switch between athletes on this page directly as well as quickly switch between force plates if you have multiple plate set-ups.


Perform the Test

After pressing the go button, the capture app will initiate the weighing phase before a beep and a flash occurs. This is the start signal for the test. You can delay this start signal by up to 10 seconds which is useful for self-testing or if require your athlete to be in the quiet phase for longer.


Test Evaluation

The jump curve and key calculated metrics are instantly displayed for your evaluation. If you want to see this test in the web app for further analysis, simply click the tick button to send it through. It will appear in the web analysis app within seconds.

What Happens Next

After capturing your test results using the Capture App all the results are sent to the Cloud. You or your colleagues can then use the Cloud based Analysis App to analyse the data further or simply view the test results remotely..

Use the Analysis App

Captured results are sent to the Cloud based Analysis App. You or your colleagues can then use the App to analyse the data further or simply view the test results remotely..

Cloud Database for Ease of Use

All the data is sent to the cloud so that you can analyse it further using the Analysis App..

Analyse on PC or Laptop

You can use PC, laptop, tablet or phone to access the Analysis App.

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