The Hawkin Solution

It is a well-accepted fact that force plates are ‘the benchmark’ when it comes to measuring human performance and prescribing training programmes.

Most force plates are for research and as a result are complicated and incredibly expensive. They require power cables, data cables, an analogue/digital converter and once the data is in the PC you need another software program to analyse the outcomes.   They are therefore, incredibly time consuming.

That is exactly why Hawkin Dynamics founded wireless force plates.


HD Force Plates are the most efficient way to collect performance data – wirelessly: no cables, no converters, no computer, no additional software..

  • HD has created a dual plate system – one for left forces and another for right forces.
  • The plates are 5x cheaper than using two traditional plates
  • Easily operated via an app
  • Results can be seen anywhere (and I mean anywhere) within seconds on our web app.

The Capture App

You are already ‘losing’ if you have cables and computers in the gym!

Our dynamic database keeps your athletes organised in teams and squads; you can match athlete against athlete as well as see their scores compared against the squad or team. Each test instantly creates actionable data – you can hide the data you are not interested in.

But the real killer is that the plates can be operated by anyone – even the athletes themselves. Leaving the head of performance to analyse, create programmes etc.

HD Force Plates can do more than help manage training etc.  They can assist in……

  • Talent ID
  • Return to play
  • Training competitions (utilising the scoreboard function)
  • Improve readiness to perform
  • Early injury detection
  • Fatigue assessment

The Web Analysis App

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Hawkin Dymanics Force Plates  are distributed in the UK and Ireland by Mar Systems Ltd.

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