Why Hawkin Dynamics?

Hawkin Dynamics force plates are built for coaches first. Whether you are evaluating athletic ability at a combine, or implementing an athlete monitoring program within your team, Hawkin Dynamics has you covered. These force plates are simple to operate, reliable, and designed to avoid the common pitfalls associated with integrating technology into team sports.


  • Wireless and self-powered for up to 10 hours – no wires to get in the way of your coaches and athletes

  • Test where you want. No need to dedicate a specific space in your facility for testing.


  • Manufactured to withstand the wear and tear associated with testing in a team environment.

  • Rated for 20K newtons of force – you cannot overload them.

Accurate & Consistent

  • 1000hz frequency and 1/4 Newton resolution gives you deep insight into your athletes’ performance and fatigue.
  • Configurable low pass filter at the hardware level ensures you get consistent and comparable data for your testing program.
  • Calibrated to the highest industry standards.
  • Affordable

    • At around £4995 a set these plates are a fraction of the cost of comparable plates.

    • Purchase additional sets of plates to further increase the efficiency of your testing regimen.

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    Hawkin Dymanics Force Plates  are distributed in the UK and Ireland by Mar Systems Ltd.

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